Top 5 Tips To Preparing Your AC For The Summer Months

Top 5 Tips To Preparing Your AC For The Summer Months

Top 5 Tips To Preparing Your AC For The Summer Months

Summer is just around the corner and you will be using your air conditioning system a lot to beat the heat. But is the HVAC system ready to carry all the weight? Well, it is highly recommended to preparing your AC for the summer months if you want to avoid any sudden breakdowns during the hottest months. There are plenty of tips that you can undertake to keep your air conditioning system in flawless condition and prevent repair needs. 

Here are the 5 Things You are Supposed to Do to Preparing Your AC Working This Summer

Maintain your filter

Your filters get clogged with dirt and debris that is present in the environment. Blocked or clogged filters make your AC work harder which leads to high electricity bills. If your AC has not been cooling your room lately then checking and cleaning your air filters would be a great idea. Moreover, the dirt and debris clogging your filters are also impuring the air quality at your property. Additionally, they not only affect your health but these accumulated particles can also cause damage within the HVAC system. 

Make sure you wash your filters on a regular basis especially in summer because of the excess usage to avoid any problems. 

Leaky Or Blocked Air Flow

If your HVAC system is finding it hard to lower the temperature then get the system checked for any airflow leaks or obstructions. There can be gaps or blockage in the ductwork of your HVAC system that can be the reason behind reduced airflow. Make sure to check the connectors to ensure there are no loose spots. Additionally, keep a check on the blower components. The efficiency of your air conditioner can be decreased by 15-20% when there are issues with the blower adjustments.

Maintenance of Compressor And Coils

Cleaning the outdoor unit of your HVAC system is as important as cleaning the inside unit of the air conditioning system. Make sure to clear all the dirt and debris accumulated in the outdoor system on a regular basis. Also, you must clean the area around the AC coils and evaporative system. This is because the dirt can go inside the blower and damage it. Not cleaning the outdoor unit efficiently and regularly can decrease the life of your air conditioning system. Additionally, dirty coils can be the reason of the spike in the electricity bills and inefficient functioning of the AC

Thermostat Maintenance

Keep a check on the functioning of your thermostat to see if they are working efficiently. If it is time to replace your thermostat then you can invest in a smart thermostat that can result in greater efficiency. They tend to have automated temperature control, they can cool down the room for you before you come home, they automatically turn off when no one is around, you can use your smartphone to control them. 

Overall Maintenance And Repair

It is highly advised to reach out to a professional technician before the summer begins. The professionals can thoroughly examine your air conditioning system and fix the potential problem before it is too late. Moreover, they will thoroughly clean the system to avoid inefficiency. 

Preparing Your AC For The Summer Months
Preparing Your AC For The Summer Months

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